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Ashby's National Stocktakers

We have been providing stocktaking services for major UK clients since 1970.

Ashby's National Stocktakers undertake business transfer and stocktaking services throughout the UK and Republic Of Ireland.

We perform inventories, stock audits, business transfers and inventory services for a wide range of national and local businesses. We specialise in retail, warehouse and wholesale stocktaking.

As a nation wide network, we provide stocktaking and inventory services to all areas of the UK and Ireland.

With our team of professional stocktakers, we always provide an efficient service, which causes minimum disruption to your business. Combining technology with many years of experience in the retail trade and licensed trade. Ashby's National Stocktakers are the UK's leading stocktaking and business transfer service company.

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Inventories For Pubs Clubs & Hotels

If you have any requirement for licensed trade stocktaking we proudly recommend Stocktake UK. Call them on 0800 027 4128.

We use our own professional stocktakers

No agency staff. No wonder Neighbours, Costcutter, Loggins, Co-op, Sky, Spar, Golding Group, Bridewell, Whiteknight Accountants and many more recommend us.

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