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About Ashby Stocktakers

Neil Ashby founded Ashby's National Stocktakers in 1970, after gaining significant experience with NSS / Fourbouys Newsagents. Since then, he and his team have developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the stocktaking and business transfer field; providing services for major clients, such as Costcutters, Loggins, Cheers Nova Wines and Artgoal Supermarkets.

Ashby's National Stocktakers have continued to grow at a phenomenal rate since the early 1990s, as more national, multiple and independent businesses throughout the UK have come to appreciate our quality, professionalism and competitiveness.

Stocktakers & Business Transfers

Most of our clients soon find it is far more cost effective to use our stocktaking services than to attempt to undertake this specialist task themselves.

As a national company we are ideally located to cover all areas of the UK.

We supply sufficient stocktakers in order to ensure an accurate, efficient service, designed to cause minimum disruption to your normal working business activities.

We employ computerised stocktaking, broken down into categories that are relevant to your business and can be easily understood.

As business transfer specialists we provide a fair valuation for both vendors and purchasers.


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Neil Ashby - Company Director