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Business Transfers

Are you thinking of selling your business??

I would like to issue a warning to you all

It has come to my attention that when transferring a business to a large multiple, the vendor often signs a contract agreeing to the margins before the transfer date. When doing so, the vendor does not realise that these margins are far too high, resulting in a reduced stock figure.

Therefore I cannot stress enough the importance of involving the stocktaker in any pre sales agreements/contracts in order to save money! I would like to give an example of how well this works:-

"S News" transfer 20.1.05
Mr. S of Derby contacted me for advice before any agreements were finalised. In doing so I was able to amend the margins in the contract, which were abnormally high, to the correct percentages and thereby saved Mr. S £4378.00!!

Please call for free advice before selling your business and save some money!

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Neil Ashby - Company Director